Getting started

This is where you get to post your solutions into the system. Use your blog post to give a clear statement of the challenge you’ve embarked upon. Make sure you identify: the specific problem you identified and defined; who is being affected by this problem; how the effects of the problem are recognised; the consequences … Read more


We are pleased to advise the the STEM4Innovation initiative is building more and more links and creating many more opportunities for WA school studets through our collaborative model of community engagement. Tim and I are excited to share this news from the East Metro Health Service Innovation Hub about opportunities for your school to be … Read more

Building upon the successes of 2020

STEM4Innovationpiloted in 2020 with 22 schools and over 700 students working to develop solution proposals for Professor Fiona Wood with the support of the WA Innovation Hub, the WA Public Sector Commission, WA Health, Curtin University, and others.  The STEM acronym should be read as a verb! STEM4Innovationis an umbrella project for engagement across the entire WA community … Read more

Mentors and supporters

The following individuals and their organisations have offered support for schools participating in the Hospital Immersion Challenge.Please acknowledge any support they provide to you, and recognise that they also have busy working lives and need to balance their engagement with the Hospital Immersion Challenge with other ongoing priorities.Where possible it would be good to organise … Read more