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This project was conceived by Western Australian educators from several schools across the state in conjunction with the Learning Futures Network.

The project aims to contribute to the immediate and future needs of Western Australia through the considered application of STEM learning principles to challenges that face all Western Australians.

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Design Thinking is a mindset, not a toolkit or a series of steps.


The whole process begins with identifying an area where problems exist.  Then…

Once you’ve got a general idea of a problem area you need to begin to understand this from many perspectives, but especially form the point of view of those most affected – this is empathy and it is revisited constantly throughout the process.  The Discovery phase incorporates a lot of research

This is where you work towards a very specific statement of a problem that can be solved.  Based on your empathetic understanding and deep research you are able to get to the heart of the challenge and propose a problem is addressing the real needs and values of those affected.  A well-defined problem is essential in generating a meaningful solution.

This is the FUN part – ideation –  this is where schools engage ALL their assets and resources including parents groups, industry partnerships and tertiary support to develop a huge series of potential solutions. Through the 21st C learning pedagogy (communication, collaboration, critical thinking & creativity) we narrow down solutions ready for prototyping. We would also expect our school teams to be in regular contact with the community element in need in order to assist in a more streamlined process rather than waiting for the prototyping phase.

This is all about a clear expression of the proposed solution along with plans, prototypes, strategies and actions – all informed by a rich connection to the original needs and all the associated dependencies.  It’s the part where SMART plans are developed – Specific, Managable/Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic, Time-framed

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